About The Author

Edyne plancy

Entrepreneur, traveler and writer, Edyne Plancy is the author of The Successful Sidekicks Society: Be Willing To Walk Out That Door Bitches, the story of women in corporate and business willing to walk out the door when they find out they will never get the raise or recognition they deserve.

Edyne Plancy is also an international bestseller co-author who has been featured on USA Today, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and many more. Edyne shared her advice in how she made her first book, ‘6 Figure Income Two Weeks After Leaving Her Corporate Job, by Leveraging Her Skills’. Her advice was available through her podcast that ranked # 2 on iTunes achieving her dream at the hands of the male-dominant society and on an exclusive webinar titled ‘Awakening the Superwoman Within, Get the Promotion and Pay Raise You Deserve.’

Edyne is also the CEO of WETHRIVE ™ Marketing Consultancy. She has successfully helped businesses achieve their revenue goals by leveraging complex business strategies to maximize growth opportunities, improve processes, and seamlessly manage organizational change, especially during the challenging time of COVID-19.
The author was born in Martinique, grew up in France, and lived many years in Toronto, Canada, before moving to Vancouver, where she currently resides. She loves to travel to Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.