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Challenges for Women: In today’s world, women play a pivotal role in political, business, social, economic, and national activities. They are not at all inferior to men. They are capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life equally with men.

challenges for women in the offices

Women are the epitome of strength, love, sacrifice, and courage and possess self-worth, confidence, and freedom to choose their needs and requirements. However, the harsh truth is that they are paid less, expected to cook, and restricted by their family members.

From violence to gender pay gaps and restrictive reproductive rights, women and girls face obstacles in achieving equality. Women and girls experience so many challenges. The challenges for women are huge in every aspect of their lives globally. Whether it be to do with education or healthcare, the right to have logistical protection over violence, rape, abuse – the list is endless.

Challenges for Women – Women empowerment

To overcome these situations and to have an independent role in society, women’s empowerment is needed. Empowering women is their fundamental right; let them be aware of their social, economic, and political rights.

Moreover, promoting gender awareness, increasing sense of self-worth, decision-making, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others will help them cope with the challenges they face in every sphere of life.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”. – Diane Mariechild

What Are the Challenging for Women, Globally

Lack of Females in Leadership Roles

The biggest challenge for women internationally today is the lack of women in positions of power. From the corporate sector to the courts and political leaders worldwide, women lack senior positions due to rising discrimination in different forms.

women empowerment with fundamental rights

Patriarchy is the biggest challenge facing women in the United States and other countries. Regardless of a woman’s experience, education, or abilities, the patriarchal nature of U.S. society fosters the perception that women are less qualified and less competent than men.

Patriarchy has convinced people that a strong and intelligent woman represents a problem to the social order and is not considered an integral part of society.

Unequal Opportunities

Even though many feminist movements in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and other countries have raised the importance of equal opportunities for women, many states still believe that women are less worthy of the same educational opportunities afforded to men.

Unfortunately, even having adequate education, women here in the United States and worldwide still lack equal access to opportunity. Women who are seeking their basic rights are interpreted as a destabilizing challenge to existing power structures. Some regimes are now trying to roll back the hard-won rights of women.

people are protesting for equal right for female

Obstacles in Balancing the Personal and Professional Life

Another challenge for women is a lack of respect for caregiving. Women who are caregivers for children, parents, spouses, siblings, or extended family members are mostly the primary breadwinners in their households. Their standard response is to persuade men to know the value of physical care which women render.

Women belonging to developing and middle-income countries face the far more critical problem as they require permission from their male “guardian” to enroll in school, travel, or take a job. Women are still forced to be legally and socially subservient to men.

Women navigating career opportunities while maximizing motherhood find it difficult to prioritize family life. Resultantly, many women give up their careers. Enabling a mother to re-enter the workforce requires support from their spouses and family.

The Maternity Factor

Another challenge that women in the U.S. and women worldwide face today is increasing maternal mortality rates. Women of color in the United States, especially black women, are the most affected. Black women experience higher levels of stress due to disparities. This issue has caused serious health concerns that go unrecognized.

maternal mortality of ladies

What Can be Done to Empower Women Today?

Thus, the journey of the liberation of women has crossed many milestones. They have struggled hard over the last few decades to establish their own identity.  Despite a great deal of progress, women and girls continue to face discrimination and violence in every part of the world.

They are still facing many challenges in different spheres of life. A global women’s movement should create legal and social conditions in which women and men have equal access to nutrition, health care, education, and career.

Empowering women is essential to the social development of families, communities, and countries. Empowered women can contribute their skills to the workforce, raise healthier children, and benefit societies and humanity.

To learn more about challenges for women, read the book, The Successful Sidekick Society™ by Edyne Plancy. She is the founder of the Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women. During her 15 years in the corporate world, she had been passed on for promotion several times.

She never got the recognition and appreciation she deserved. But when she was determined to do things on her terms, she made a career change and jumped to a six-figure income in under eight months.

Since then, she has been enthusiastic about supporting determined, purpose-driven women and helping them leverage their skills, market their worth, and take their careers or business to the next level.

Edyne Plancy is not just an author; she is a public figure who wants to inspire women to progress in the career and the life they want by sharing pitfalls and solutions to overcome with each other. She heartens women to stand up for themselves, speak up against unfair decisions, and ask for the right through her book.

The Women Empowerment Book

the successful sidekicks society book complete coverEdyne Plancy wrote the book The Successful Sidekick Society™” to highlight in front of us the many hardships that a woman goes through in life and the workplace. Women of the present day are struggling with discrimination in workplaces and at home.

Globally, women do nearly 2.5 times as much of this work as men, with large gender disparities in time spent cooking, cleaning, and caring for household members. From violence to gender pay gaps and restrictive reproductive rights, women and girls face obstacles in achieving equality.


Women and girls experience so many challenges in every domain. There are innumerable energetic, hard-working, and outstanding women who have trouble finding a job because of their gender.

This book is for every woman having an unpleasant time and every man who thinks women are lesser than men. The book will help them to comprehend their rights and raise their value in family and society.

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