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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace: Women have gained over the past several decades in labor force participation, wages, and access to more lucrative positions have strengthened their position in the American workforce.

gender, female discrimination at workplaceHowever, there is a gender imbalance in the workplace and the challenges they experience. Women continue to encounter challenges when it comes to advancing in the workplace. According to the Women in the Workplace 2018 report, representation of women of color is the least, causing them to stay behind.

Women of color comprise only 17% of entry-level roles and 4% of C-Suite positions. This underrepresentation gets worse in senior management positions. Only 22% of C-suite executives are women, while 38% are promoted to managers. The gender pay gap is rising.

How Gender Discrimination Affects Women in Workplace

Unequal PayScale indicates Subjugation of Women

The gender pay gap is the difference between male and female wages. It is expressed as a percentage of male earnings. The gender pay gap reduces women’s lifetime earnings and affects their pensions, causing poverty in later life.

An Inflexible Working Environment Hinders Productivity

A flexible and responsive working environment drives employee engagement and productivity and boosts employee well-being and happiness. Access to flexible working is linked to improved organizational productivity, ability to attract and retain employees. Working flexibly is an issue for many women.

Lack of Measures Against Sexual Harassment Cases

Women also face sexual and non-sexual harassment in the workplace. These cases ranged from unwelcome verbal, visual, non-verbal, or physical harassment. The Women in the Workplace report found that women in full-time corporate sector jobs have experienced sexual harassment.

gender discriminations, female sexual harassmentsWomen of color and diversity experience different forms of harassment. Male workers harass a woman to annoy her, reminding her of her vulnerability. They create a climate of fear and intimidation.  Women who become a target of sexual harassment often go through the same process of victimization as those who have suffered rape, battering, or other gender-related crimes at the workplace.

Discrimination Against Female Employees

Employment discrimination against pregnant women is illegal under Title VII yet continues to be the subject of thousands of discrimination claims each year.

Pregnant women may be pressured to step down from a position once they reach a certain point in their pregnancy or be fired for reasons relating to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Some other ways are employers reducing a female employee’s working hours, pay, changing her benefits, refusing to promote her, or forcing her to take time off (paid or unpaid)

Racial Discrimination – A threat to an Engaging Work Environment

Working women of color face a unique set of challenges that intersect across race/ethnicity, gender, and culture. Racial discrimination against black women workers makes up approximately 26 percent of workplace discrimination claims.

gender discriminations in pay and racial

Black women, in particular, are vulnerable to experience race and sex discrimination at the workplace. Similarly, African American women who have the highest labor market participation occupied undervalued positions in the workforce.

They work on low-wage and lack benefits such as sick leave, parental leave, and flexible work options. Other women of color, including Latinas and Hispanic women, face structural and systemic barriers in employment and hiring based on race and gender.

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Nicola Steel Book

the successful sidekicks society book coverNicola Steel wrote the book “The Successful Sidekick Society” to highlight in front of us the many hardships that a woman goes through in life and the workplace. Women of the present day are struggling with discrimination in workplaces and at home.

They are underpaid even after all the efforts they put in. They are not being promoted even after all the unpaid. They are not allowed to do what they love to do. Therefore, most women suffer from an inferiority complex as they are forced to believe inferior to the men around them.

There are innumerable energetic, hard-working, and outstanding. It can leverage their skills to become successful and lead the life they want.

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