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The Power of Women: A research study by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org, “Women in the Workplace 2020, says that 52 percent of men are working in entry-level corporate jobs. At the same time, women make up 48 percent of the workplace. At the manager level, it’s 63 percent men and 37 percent women.

With every promotion, the representation of women drops, leading to only one in five C-suite executives being women. It is puzzling; many women are feeling disheartened to leave the workforce. How can women encourage and empower each other to find workplace success and make collective efforts to end social and racial disparity against women at workplaces?

the power of women in the workplace

The power of women in the workplace encourages workplace diversity and productivity.

It is a reality that a woman alone has power; collectively, they have an impact. There is power in the pack. Amplifying the female voice and supporting one another will help women move up in their respective fields quickly. Moreover, a strong network of women will fight against the patriarchal system, still creating discrimination against them.

The female workers can lead by example, engaging with peers and staff by lending a hand to build a robust platform comprising of professional women around them. High achieving women in corporate business empower women by giving them a voice and making sure they are heard.

Today, women trying to rise into leadership face cultural and systemic hurdles that make it harder to advance in career and life. The study suggests forming close connections with other women who lift each other, share experiences of success, and hone unique talents and skills of each other.

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all, be humble.” – Serena Williams.

The Power of Women – How Women Can Support Each Other

There is power in relationships that extends beyond a generic introduction. Building connections based on shared interests and goals help you to be more successful at your job. It is essential to have women friends in your life, and it is vital to have a network of professional women working in diversified fields.

You can make that happen either by joining an existing network online or creating your own. Encourage each other to share ideas on how to nurture skills that lead to personal excellence. Tell your story, with all its ups and downs. Talk about your wins and share your losses and mistakes in life. Women need to know your story to gain confidence to reach their goals.

Women Help Women – Stand Up for Your Female Peers!

We need to work together to promote ourselves. If you are in a leadership or executive role, act as connectors. If they come across any great opportunity, they immediately send it to each other.

women help women at workplaceIt is fantastic to be in the power of a women group that wants you to excel in your abilities and actively help you succeed. These empowering women support one another to reach their milestones.

Moreover, they celebrate each other’s successful moments in life and career—advocate for women with the decision-maker. Finally, if any of them face setbacks in life, they help them to rise and shine. They build their hopes and aspirations, help them leverage their skills, find clarity of goals and raise their value to lead a successful life.

Build Professional Connections

Forming business relationships and partnerships between junior and senior women in the same field will help junior and senior female employees to know their challenges and goals.

Women of all positions and career points need to communicate about their experiences, both when starting and how they look up to their plans. Empowering each other and understanding helps them to meet their rising challenging

Extend Support to Women Employees in Your Workplace

Voice your support for the female coworkers who cannot speak for themselves for the problems and issues they face at the workplace. It could be whether it be a promotion, a raise in salary, or a harassment issue.

women help women in the workplaceEncourage women to stand up for their rights, put up their hands for new opportunities, apply for promotions, ask for training, or seek mentors to improve their professional abilities. Moreover, build their confidence to pursue opportunities at every level of the corporate ladder. By promoting women as much as men, you show they are valued, and you are invested in growing their skills and potential.

Encourage Workplace Diversity

Celebrate each other and openly support each other without encountering racism and other disparity. Respect the talents of other women in your company and bolster their reputation within the workplace to enhance the power of women in the workplace.

For instance, you should celebrate women of color who do not enjoy the same privileges as their white coworkers. White women can be allies to women of color by using their right to draw attention to various tasks.

To improve gender diversity, women of color and women belonging to marginalized groups should communicate, listen, learn, and work on repairing each other’s problems. It will overall help to create a positive working environment.

Personal Growth Book by Black Authors

Edyne Plancy, author of the book the successful sidekicks societyTo learn more about how women can support each other at the workplace, read the book, The Successful Sidekick Society by Edyne Plancy. She is the founder of the Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women.

During her 15 years in the corporate world, she had been passed on for promotion several times. As a result, she never got the recognition and appreciation she deserved. But when she was determined to do things on her terms, she made a career change and jumped to a six-figure income in under eight months.

Since then, she has been enthusiastic about supporting determined, purpose-driven women and helping them leverage their skills, market their worth, and take their careers or business to the next level.

Edyne Plancy is not just an author; she is a public figure who wants to inspire women to take a step towards progressing in the career and the life they want by sharing pitfalls and solutions to overcome with each other. She heartens women to stand up for themselves, speak up against unfair decisions, and ask for the right through her book.

Self-Development Books by Black Authors

the successful sidekicks society book front coverEdyne Plancy wrote the book The Successful Sidekick Society™” to highlight in front of us the many hardships that a woman goes through in life and the workplace. Women of the present day are struggling with discrimination in workplaces and at home.

They are underpaid even after all the efforts they put in. They are not being promoted even after all the unpaid. They are not allowed to do what they love to do. A strong community of women can empower and support each other to rise and pursue opportunities at every level.

They motivate each other by sharing stories and issues they have faced in the corporate world, business world… or even at home. It’s all about protecting their value and identity and getting the recognition they deserve.

Thus, the opportunity to connect with other women at work helps them grow their skills and potentials and recognize their potential impact in bringing diversified changes in their working environment.

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